Sunday, April 7, 2013

Day 7 - Sun GIANT set ABS/Cardio

203 lb

850 Cal Total
350 Cal - Cardio

Ran into Dex Martin today and got some awesome advise about prepping for this show...
Eliminate Protein shakes now and eat whole meals making your body work a little harder.

2 Hours of cardio a day stopping every 30 min to take a few minute break to stop muscle breakdown

Hit arms arms arms and make shoulders stand out even more than the chest.

Do NOT try to come in soft at all. With 70-80 guys on stage you need to stand out.

Come on stage like BLAAOOW! I'm the one you need to pay attention to'

Go from one exercise to the next and then do again until 3 sets are completed of each....

Cable Crunches 120 x 25

Bench Leg Lifts 15 x 30

Cable Oblique Crunches x 20

Decline Full Sit-ups x 20

Bar Twist x 20

Bench Lower Ab Twisting Leg Lifts x 15

Elliptical 20 min intervals HR170/140 1 min intervals 20 min then 10 min steady 150HR