Friday, April 5, 2013

DAY 5 - Fri - Legs/Abs

204 lb

Time to bite the bullet and start upping my reps with lighter weight. I do feel I'm looking a little too big for physique so I'm just going to have to lose some size. It's like I always tell my female clients, it's hard to put on muscle. It's easy to lose it.

Leg Ext x 20/20

Rope crunches x 20/20

Smith Squats x 15/15
Lower Ab Leg Raise off Bench 15 x 20/20

Step Ups 50 x 12
Ab Twist Machine x 20

Leg Press x 20 /20/20/20
Ab Crunch Machine x 25 /25
Cable Oblique Crunch x 20/20

Leg Curls x15/15

PM Cardio
10 Min Elliptical Lv 7/18 1 min intervals
20 Min Stairs Lv 20/Lv 3 1 min intervals
(Think you can hang?!?!? Try that big Pimpin!)