Monday, March 25, 2013

Back / Abs

205 lb.

Pulldowns x 12/12/10
Side Bends 60 x 20/x20/x20

Cable 1 Arm Bent Row stack x 12/12/12
Lower Ab leg raise off bench 20 x20

Seated Row Machine stack x 12/12/
Dropset to 20

Cable Crunches stack x 20/20/20

Pullovers x15/12/12 (7 plates last)

Plank Push-ups 20 sec up/20 sec down/x 3

Elliptical Sprints 30 min total
1 min - 7
1 min - 18-20


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sun - Shoulders/Tri/Calves

Clean n press 135 x 10/10
155 x 8

Military Press 225 x 15 / 15

Side Raises 30 x 15/15/15
Dips 4 plates x 12/12/12

Reverse Flys x 15/15/20/20

Cable Tri Ext x 20/20

Seated Calves 6 plates x12/12/12
Standing Calves In/Out x 20/20/20

Cable Shd press x 20/20/15

Mile 9:54

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Anger Management @ Colony Square Athletic Club

Kickass class today!!!! It's been awhile since I've taken one of the TEAM TRAINING sessions at Colony Square Athletic Club, but I'm glad I went tonight and can't wait to make this a part of my regular routine as I get shredded for the summer.

Leon Allen taught the 6PM Session tonight and it smoked me...

Full Body Metabolic Strength Training -
Tonight we had 13 stations - 1:00 ON / 30 Seconds OFF

Some of the exercises included Ab Rollouts, Reverse Cable Woodchops, Broad Jump/burpee, and Running Ropes...

He took the class outside for some sprints and stairs and burned us out on pushups, jump squats, and snow angels!!!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

TMT - "Devastation of the Delts" - Ben Neal/Tom Murphy

My roommate Big Ben made me step it up and remember what those deep fibers felt like!
Those Front Raise/Upright Rows were something serious! That got some growth for sure!
and those firebomb crunches at the end....those hurt more than anything!

Oblique Crunches 
Seated Dumbbell 
Shoulder Presses 
Cable Crunches 
Cable Lateral Raises 
Double Plate Front Raise / Upright Row 
Incline Reverse Fly 
Firebomb Crunches

TMT - "FIRING SQUAD ARM WORKOUT" - Tom Murphy / Maure Tiller

FIRING SQUAD ARM WORKOUT - Tom Murphy / Maure Tiller 

Back at it with my old workout partner D-Train! We've never entered a gym together without tearing the place apart! Today we both happened to be on arm day so it worked out perfectly.... Plus his Mom ran into us too! lol ... so we had a guest photographer for the manual resistance shots!

Let's get to it!

iFor Booking Personal Training:

Seated Dumbbell Curls
Cable Tricep Extensions

Seated Eccentric Emphasized Bar Curl
Dip Machine

Manual Resistance Preacher Curl
Cable Kickbacks

Rope Work Bicep Burnout

1 Mile Treadmill Sprintsrgrgrgrghkhgjk

Seated Dumbbell Curls - make sure you stretch at the bottom and squeeze at the top for a second.
Cable Tricep Extensions - I always warm up my elbows with this exercise first.

Seated Eccentric Emphasized Bar Curl - lower the weight as slow as possible then pause just before hitting your legs then crank it up..
Dip Machine - make sure you are low enough in the seat to get a good stretch and are able to hold at extension for a second.

Manual Resistance Preacher Curl - I did 7 one arm, switch, 7 both arms, then hold at the top while partner pulls down smoothly till you cant get it back up.
Cable Kickbacks - lower back till parallel to the ground and keep elbow high the entire time. squeeze at the top.

Rope Work Bicep Burnout - 30 sec intervals will smoke you!

1 Mile Treadmill Sprints - keeping it simple with 1 min intervals, ramping the speed up and minute.

For Booking Personal Training:

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BACK at it!!

X 12
X 10
405 x 8

Pull-ups 2 sets till failure

Cable Rows 4 sets x 12

T-Bar Rows 14/12/10

1 Arm Pulldowns x 12/12/12 > Reverse Fly x 15/15/15

Lower Back Ext / 45 Plate Row x 20/20/20

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Contest Prep - 10 Weeks out - LEGS

Ok...I've finally come to the realization that I'm going to have to make some changes to my routine if I'm going to stand a chance up on stage May 11th. So that's exactly what I'm doing. I intend to win!

Remind you though...Back in Oct I blew my back out and haven't Deadlifted more than 315 UNTIL TODAY!

Got 405 x 3 no pain at all!

Squatted 405 x 6 as well.

Feels good! :)

It's amazing what proper form will do for you!
Can't say the same for the Crossfit chick at the rack next to me with her boyfriend screaming in her ear to GO!!!!' With 135 damn near breaking her spine!
One more set like that and would have said something!

Squat 135 x 12/225 x 10/ 275 x 8/315x6/375 x4/405 x 6

Deadlift 135x12/225x10/315x8/405x3 (shoulda brought straps)


1 Leg Ext 130 x 10 /10/10
Lying Leg Curl 150 x 10/10/10

Oh yeah! Walking funny now! Lol