Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Meal Prep - Cooking w/ Tom Murphy

I'm going to eliminate all the guess work and show you exactly how to prep your meals for the coming week.
I try to do this every Sunday and again on Thur.

This week's meals consisted of:

Grilled Chicken
Brown Rice or Sweet Potato


Boiled Eggs

Greek Yogurt
Protein Powder
Mixed Fruit

Monday, December 3, 2012

30 MIn GET IT IN and GET OUT ! Workout

Here is a sample workout routine I came up with this morning for one of my morning clients.

Great job Linda! 
She just got started on a 3 time a week program for weight loss.
We are not going to be focusing on her weight however. 
We are checking her progress by measuring her body fat.

Full body workouts using progressively heavier weights with cardio added in as well will be the plan for now while she is still getting acclimated to the endurance aspect.
For the first few months we will be doing higher reps (15-20)
with little to no rest between exercises.
I am giving her about 30 seconds of rest after completing each set of 3 exercises 
before repeating the tri-set again.

Linda proves she has what it takes in these videos!
I am excited to see her results!
As you can see, she pushes herself hard and completes every rep or DIES TRYING!
This is the intensity required if you really intend to get results.
Check back soon for an update!