Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 26 - Good Measure Meals -Cardio/Chest/Bis/Cardio


30 min Elliptical
375 cal

I'm proud to announce I'll be partnering up with Good Measure Meals beginning Monday!

So excited to have them as a sponsor and have them helping me out as I prep for the upcoming shows this season!

In fact, Id like to mention BSN and Colony Square Athletic Club too as both have played a major role on my successes so far. Thank You both!

Colony Square has done so much for me as far as getting my name out and supporting my efforts to make a name for myself in this industry. They have recent put my picture up on a billboard in downtown Atlanta and have paid my entry fee for my show May 10th.
Thank You Chris and Tara!!

BSN has been providing me with my supplements and helping me out financially big time...I really appreciate everything you have done for me! Thanks Lauren and the rest of the BSN staff I have yet to meet..

Flat Press
315 x 6

D Curls
X 10/8
60's x 10

Machine Flyes
X 15/12/12

1 Arm Preacher Curls
X 12/12/12

Decline Press
X 10/10
5 plates x 6

Hammer Curls
X 10/10
80's x 10

2 Sets till failure
Low Cable Flyes x 20
Incline Press x 20
Machine Curls x 20

PM Cardio
30 elliptical
2 Min on / 1 Min off intervals
352 cal