Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Ok got up at like 5 am...couldn't sleep at all...especially on those plastic sheets......BUT, I'm at the prejudging now just waiting to get my number and see what kind of order this thing is going to be in....

It's kinda funny to me seeing all of these team jackets since I train and represent myself. Team TMT!!

I do want to say thank you to Dexter Martin, Chris Garvey, Craig Gorham and Nicole Duncan for all giving me tips on posing and show prep. I always thought if I just got in the best condition out of anyone than the judges just didnt have a choice but to give me the win. Boy was I wrong! Posing and stage presence can make or break you in this sport.

12 and still backstage....bored now...
Got a quick intense shoulder workout. Guess I was goin in pretty hard because a film crew started following me around the pump room! Lol - can't wait to find out what publication that was for...got a good sweat going. It is HOT down here in FL!

(*I later found out this was the photographer for the event and was shooting video for Muscular Development. I also spoke with the guy and found out it was Pat Lee. I ended up getting a photo shoot with him the next day after the contest...Look for this in a future blog.)

Looks like the Fitness competition is coming up first! Can't wait! These Florida boys aren't playing around with this event. Quite a few are here just for this part.

The first part of the 3 FITNESS Rounds consisted of poses. I was ready to roll!

First up was the quarter turns for the fitness competitors....

They let us FLEX a little bit with our most muscular! 

I think prejudging went well...

During call outs they didn't move me from the center...

Later physique competitors did the exact same turns and since I entered both, I just switched shorts and did the same thing! Lol - good ...some more stage time and I think I caught the attention of the judges. I really went a little harder on my flexes and wasn't so concerned about my smile.

Next up was the STRENGTH round which consisted of MAX Pushups and Pullups in 1 minute....
I was pacing like a caged animal while on deck waiting my turn! This was the event I was waiting for....time to show these pretty boys how its done! :)

I gave it all I had....and being so dehydrated and tired from all the pumping up backstage, I think 70 something was pretty good. I forget what I actually got but I went to total failure.

I couldn't find any pictures for the pullups but I got 18 complete real pull-ups. All the way down full extension and all the way up chin over the bar, no kipping. I was super strict on mine just to prove a point.

The last part of the fitness competition was the obstacle course! I was a little nervous since some of the guys back stage told me how the trained on an identical version of the layout which was still a mystery to me. 

 I put it ALL on the line there! 20 box jumps , 20 full sit-ups , 30 weighted jump rope ( I lost some time trying to show off and do double unders....that was dumb lol) through the tires, then shuttle run picking up 4 spaces out blocks...

....surprisingly my legs were what gave out...I could barely run those last 2 laps but the guy I was racing was neck and neck and the announcer was cheering me on by name so I gave it all.... 

Still sitting by the fan while I'm typing this trying to keep from falling out...
Working out while dehydrated and tired is kinda dangerous...

There were quite a few times where if you weren't paying attention and checking back in the front, you could have easily missed your time...

One time in particular I was just listening to my current favorite song on repeat when I noticed all the guys In the room seemed to be much bigger than me....I started having to pump up some more lol - then I noticed it was only the tall class still back there ! I ran to the side where I caught the line just as they were about to walk out! After being there for 12 hours you can lose track of time!! 

The venue was pretty big with lots of dark hallways and back rooms which actually gave it this kind of cool underground atmosphere....until you get under those bright lights and then it was show time! I'm glad this wasnt my first show or I would have been extremely nervous...the fact that I didn't know anybody there, I had a solid routine planned, and I knew my conditioning was right up there with the best of them helped me relax and have a little fun up there. I even heard a few girls calling out my number, NUMBER 7!!! :) I think the strength round helped me put when it came time to come beck out for the physique poses.

Next up was pure Physique. There were 32 competitors just in my height class, Class B! This was a really big show. I hit some non-traditional physique poses going by what Chris suggested to really show my strength off a little bit to seperate myself from the "pretty boys!" lol.....I'm curious if I was marked down for some of that.

In case you were curious, and for my own reference as well, here are the over winners for Physique. This includes classes A,B,C and D

So now I know what to expect at a big show and I've got all my nervousness out of my system. I just need to pick my next show and get ready to make some improvements! Im officially hooked!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Stimrx Shoot with Jon Ruby

I got an opportunity to shoot another time with Stimrx.com this past weekend. If you are not familiar with the company, check out their website. Stimrx recently filmed an infomercial for their product and has began showing the ad on the west coast. Look for us over on the east coast soon! They are in the process of creating a re-chargable unit that can be operated wirelessly from an app on your phone! That will be awesome! Can't wait. Anyway....

I was also excited to have Jon Ruby, the photographer working with us this time. Its always exciting to get a new photographer to see how they would put their spin on things and I've had the opportunity to see his work before with Nicole Markovic. He got some really great shots with her so I knew we were in good hands.

First up was Tara Garvey, at a chiropractor's office, showing how a doctor would use the unit on their patients. They wanted to showcase how it can be used to manage pain and this was a doctor who was currently incorporating the unit into his practice. After that, we headed back to Colony Square Athletic Club to finish out with some new fitness shoots. My fav part! ;) Plus, Tara and Chris are always fun to work with!

This shoot reminded me to STAY READY at all times. After the physique competition I just did,
I've been completely lax on my diet although I have kept up my workouts. I mean, who am I kidding? I ALWAYS keep up with my workouts. That part is always fun for me. Now cardio....although I have learned to enjoy longer runs, I could do without just fine!

So although I'm not terribly disappointed with my conditioning for this shoot, I would have loved to come in as shredded as I was just a week earlier. Check out my blog entry - Week Long Cheat - where I document how fast your body can change in only 1 week.

So am I'm writing this I'm buckling down and getting strict again.....I have a shoot coming up in Aug that I hope to be in my best shape for....Stay Tuned :)

Here are some untouched photos Jon leaked to us early...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tara and Thomas lift Back and Calves @ Colony Square Athletic Club

Here is a full Back and Calf workout 
Tara (owner of CSAC) and and I 
 4 days after my 
NPC Southern States Physique and Fitness Competition July 12th. 

As you can see I've already put on quite a bit of size after eating like a rabid animal.
I went from 195 to 208 pretty much overnight! 

Pulldowns x15/15/12/10
Standing Calves x 20/20/15/15
T Bar Rows x 15/12/10/8
Leg Press Calf Raises x20/20/15/15
Incline Bench Cable Rows x 15/12/12/10
Reverse Flyes x 20/15/15/12
Lower Back Ext/Row x20/20/20

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Hit the road around 5:30 from Atlanta after meeting with Chris Garvey to get some last minute posing tips and some good shots to show me what each hold looked like from the audience. Chris is awesome and really helped me find some good moves to incorporate into my otherwise pretty bland routine. He gave me some ideas that might be pushing the boundaries for physique since he comes from a bodybuilding background.

He's right though, I've been training my whole life for this so this minute is mine! What's the worst that can happen if I bust a double bicep flex or side oblique crunch out?!? 

8 am Thur -
First thing on my agenda.....get some coffee and of all things, shave! Lol

Found an La Fitness just inside FL!
My home away from home :)

Cable Crunches
Lower Ab Leg Raises
Side Cable Crunch
3 sets x 20-25 reps each

Stairmaster Lv 15 - 20 min
Treadmill 2 min intervals LV 6/7/8/9/8 - 20 min
Bike 20 min glad to have an old buddy give me a ring, passed the time like nothing.

Had a reverend bless me ! Asked me if I competed in the locker room and went to tell me he was 65 and doing a bodybuilding show at the Dexter Jackson  show...

On to iHop - egg white Omelete with half order of whole wheat pancakes and I got the fruit too since I'm cutting water and need some kind of moisture :O
Always feel like a jerk being so finicky with my order but it's required....so tough to eat out these days!

Ate some watermelon from Publix and stopped by GNC - found some old formula of Jack3d! SCORE! Bought 2.
On to LA fit for a full body workout, being careful not to burn myself out too bad. I do have a pull-up / push-up contest coming up .... Kinda worried I'm going to be too fatigued to really bang out what I should but I guess that contest is secondary anyway...no pro cards in that.

Finally got to the hotel at 7:40, just making check-in!!! I could always wake up real early and do it then but so glad I was able to avoid that! 
Got to the room and had just enough time to do an impromptu cardio session in the room before showering and getting my spray tan.

Once that tan is on, you don't want to sweat or you'll ruin it. After paying $110 that's not an option for me!

Tanning was a funny experience! As Im stripping butt naked (minus a children's sock LOL) for the hot blonde prepping me for the spray, I get a text message from a friend telling me - 
After being through it once with the last spray tan, I don't think I even blushed. Lol - guess you get used to it. Who knows, they might even talk me into doing bodybuilding with their mankinis and all some day after all ;) HAHAHHA 
This is a very different sport!!!

Well now I'm laying down on my plastic bed 
winding down...prejudging is 10 am tomorrow morning! Wish me luck!!!!!