Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Michigan Fitness Shoot

I know its been awhile since I've posted anything and I will be back on my regular thing soon.
I've been really busy changing jobs and starting my life again in a new area.
This past weekend I went on a trip to Michigan and visited 3 different gyms to do some photo shoots.
I will be posting some shots in a few weeks to show you how it went.
Our first stop was PowerHouse gym in Fenton, MI. It was a really cool gym with lots of handpicked, old school type of equipment. It had all the best toys!!! :)
Here is a video I edited together showing the workout I did that Sat.
I trained Back, Calves, and Biceps.
Deadlifts x 10/10/5/2
Pulldowns x 10/8/6
Bent Row Machine x 10/8/6
Seated Row Machine x 10/8/6 Drop
Shrugs x 15/12/10
Donkey Calf Raise x 20/20/20
Seated Calf Raise x20/15/10
1 Leg Calf Press x 15/15/15
Concentrated Bicep Curl Machine x 15/15/10
Preacher Curls with Manual Resistance x 10 + 5 Forced Reps

We did the photoshot there on Fri right after I flew in from atlanta so I was a little tired.
Never, ever, ever will I drink an entire Redline to wake myself up.
I literally stayed awake the entire night Friday and had to do a video the next day! 
I don' know how I pulled it off, but Sat afternoon I went into the original Power House gym in Highland Park. You've heard of 8 Mile…well this was 4 Mile !! LOL
We locked our cars! 

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