Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Time to buckle down and pull it all together now! I hired an awesome photographer to work with me in the very near future!

I found this guy on Facebook after seeing that the winner of the Mr. Georgia bodybuilding competition hired him... I really like his work ad was excited to hear he would be back in Atlanta in Nov.

His name is Jeff Sygo.
Check out his website. He does awesome work!

He is going to get the professional shots I've been needing to finally submit to talent agencies and see if I can make my dream of getting paid to workout come true.

I think being a fitness model would be the coolest job ever, (I've outgrown trying to be a rapper! Lol....well atleast for now ;) I mean working out 2 hours a day and dedicating myself to always eating clean doesn't sound so bad to me.

I'm not sure who this guy is but his picture is my current inspiration and reminder that I'm not where I need to be yet....

So with that being said, time to get on this elliptical machine and make the sweat drip !

The hardest part about this next week is going to be eating super clean so I'm going to post more on that later..

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11/17-weight 197 post workout and sauna

11/18-weight 195