Sunday, October 28, 2012

KSU Iron Owl 3 - Bench 405 / Deadlift 565 - WINNER

Well I'm on a roll now! One more contest out of the way and under my belt!
Just competed in the Kennesaw State University Iron Owl III Weight Lifting Competition
 that I have been hoping I would be able to keep my strength up for after cutting down for that fitness competition 2 weeks ago...

I WON!!!

I ended up winning for my weight class (I weighed in at 197) and winning for the overall as well!
This was a lot of fun and I'm glad I had my friends there to support me and push me to try for even more. I had no intentions of trying for 405 on the bench but I'm sure glad I did! Once I hit my 385 on my second lift, I decided to just go for it and once you are under that bar, there is no doubt at all in your head....You just MOVE!
Here is the song I had on when I made both of these lifts...

You gotta hyped up when moving that kind of weight and when that beat drops....It's GO TIME!
I ended up setting 2 new personal records on both the bench and deadlift. I tried for 600 pounds on deadlift but it just wasn't budging!