Sunday, October 21, 2012

Drop 10 pounds in a week

After doing the Fall Fit Fest Competition I went a little crazy on my celebration, eating Little Debbie Snack cakes and any kind of sugary snack I could find! After spending all that time staying lean, my muscles seemed to just soak all the carbs in as glycogen!

I've been feeling pretty strong after eating like that but now I need to try to cut my weight to under 200 pounds for this weight lifting competition. If I stay under 200, I think I can win the overall prize for my weight class again....

Right now, Im weighing in at 212!!!!!!
This should be fun!

Today I'm just lifting calves and doing about 30 min of cardio.....
Seated Calves 4 Sets x 12-20
Leg Press Calves 4 Sets x 15-20
Treadmill Lv 3 - 5 Min
Intervals 3 Down / 10,10,11,11,12 Up
1 min intervals

Well that was the plan!!'
Until I broke 3 treadmills at La Fitness !!

Then it's on to prepping my meals for the week.