Saturday, March 16, 2013

TMT - "FIRING SQUAD ARM WORKOUT" - Tom Murphy / Maure Tiller

FIRING SQUAD ARM WORKOUT - Tom Murphy / Maure Tiller 

Back at it with my old workout partner D-Train! We've never entered a gym together without tearing the place apart! Today we both happened to be on arm day so it worked out perfectly.... Plus his Mom ran into us too! lol ... so we had a guest photographer for the manual resistance shots!

Let's get to it!

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Seated Dumbbell Curls
Cable Tricep Extensions

Seated Eccentric Emphasized Bar Curl
Dip Machine

Manual Resistance Preacher Curl
Cable Kickbacks

Rope Work Bicep Burnout

1 Mile Treadmill Sprintsrgrgrgrghkhgjk

Seated Dumbbell Curls - make sure you stretch at the bottom and squeeze at the top for a second.
Cable Tricep Extensions - I always warm up my elbows with this exercise first.

Seated Eccentric Emphasized Bar Curl - lower the weight as slow as possible then pause just before hitting your legs then crank it up..
Dip Machine - make sure you are low enough in the seat to get a good stretch and are able to hold at extension for a second.

Manual Resistance Preacher Curl - I did 7 one arm, switch, 7 both arms, then hold at the top while partner pulls down smoothly till you cant get it back up.
Cable Kickbacks - lower back till parallel to the ground and keep elbow high the entire time. squeeze at the top.

Rope Work Bicep Burnout - 30 sec intervals will smoke you!

1 Mile Treadmill Sprints - keeping it simple with 1 min intervals, ramping the speed up and minute.

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