Sunday, April 13, 2014

REST PAUSE is where it's at! •TMT P/S/E•

I've always kept my workouts very intense and over the 16 plus years of lifting I've figured out a few tricks to get the most gains and maximize my efforts. I really want to emphasize the REST PAUSE technique on Set 3. This is an old technique that I don't think got as much attention as the drop set when it comes to adding more intensity to your workouts. This technique has really helped me make some serious strength gains recently and if it's done right I'm sure will help you too. Here we go.
First….WARM UP - SET 1 
First up. I'll warm up with a weight I can get about 50 times if I had to, and then I'll get 20 reps. Really take your time and stretch slowly during this set. Focus on literally warming the muscle up.

Go up to a heavy set right away. A set of where you know you can get 10, but you're not too sure if you could pull 13 out. Go down slow, go by feel and get a stretch and even hold it for one second and then once you get your weight out of what I call the danger zone, (where your shoulder capsule is stretched) EXPLODE! I want you to push with some velocity. Push it like you mean it and get it out of there!! GO !!! I'm always yelling at my clients! LOL
Not always…the athletes that respond to that, yes, but I've got grandma safely making gains over here! Hahaha :) Never bounce or snap your elbows but moving the bar with some speed simulates heavier weight without having to use it. This is also how you train for POWER

Rest 1:30 - 2:00 minutes then go up in weight to where you can only get about 8. Get as many as you can then RACK IT. REST ABOUT 3 SECONDS THEN GET AS MANY AS YOU CAN AGAIN. REST ABOUT 5-10 SECONDS THEN DO IT ONE MORE TIME. This get's those deep muscle fibers that you aren't used to stimulating. This will get you STRONGER.

I do this on set 3 when working out alone because using rest pause on a max lift can be risking a lithe too much. LOL You don't want to be the guy under a weight bench leaning your head back to see if you can spot someone to take the stack of weights of your chest! "Hey! ……HEY!" Hahahahaha. 
I've been there. I think once, maybe twice. Hey at least everyone knows you took it to failure! If this ever happens to you, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. Most people respect when someone gives it their all.

If you are with a spotter, I would do this on my last set right before the drop set. Just make sure he knows what he's doing. A good spotter will help just enough to keep the bar moving and will work to keep the rep smooth.

Rest 2-3 minutes. Get all your energy back. Catch your breathe. Cue that song to drop soon and then put that heavy stuff on there and go for a set of 3 or as many as you've got! Go till failure, then drop the weight. Get another 5. Drop the weight. Get 20 or die! These really burn and will definitely help you with your ENDURANCE.

This is how TMT SYTEMS incorporates all 3 aspects (POWER/STRENGTH/ENDURANCE) in the same workout. 

I do agree with much longer periodization, maybe 1 month or 2 month long cycles, but really most of my clients don't have the patience for that.
I do need to make a point in saying this type of intensity must be used sparingly to prevent burning out. I would recommend completely fatiguing the muscle group like this every 1-2 weeks.
Still hit it hard but don't do drop sets every time you hit chest for instance.
Maybe every other workout.
Let your body heal first.

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