Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tara and Thomas lift Back and Calves @ Colony Square Athletic Club

Here is a full Back and Calf workout 
Tara (owner of CSAC) and and I 
 4 days after my 
NPC Southern States Physique and Fitness Competition July 12th. 

As you can see I've already put on quite a bit of size after eating like a rabid animal.
I went from 195 to 208 pretty much overnight! 

Pulldowns x15/15/12/10
Standing Calves x 20/20/15/15
T Bar Rows x 15/12/10/8
Leg Press Calf Raises x20/20/15/15
Incline Bench Cable Rows x 15/12/12/10
Reverse Flyes x 20/15/15/12
Lower Back Ext/Row x20/20/20