Friday, July 5, 2013

ANY SPORT - Peachtree Road Race - LETS GO!

Got 3 hours of sleep but Im up....headed towards the starting line of the Peachtree Road Race....totally not my sport but whatever, Im not scared!

I figure this is a good way to get my morning cardio out if the way. 

Will prob have a nice meal afterwards and take a much needed nap !


Once I got to the starting line I forgot about being tired and just got fired up! All the people surrounding you motivate you and I went out of the gates hard, picking out people I wanted to catch up and pass up!
Me being a bigger guy not really build for running, I found it fun keeping up with people wearing track shirts and logos. (I never did catch the skinny track guy in the cut off blue shirt lol)

Once I hit the halfway mark my headphones started slipping out (wish I had my apple iPod ones) so I just put them in my pocket.
I was surprised to find myself more motivated by the crowd and the corny songs they were playing along the way. I have to admit, when 

"Proud to be an American" came on and they started blasting confetti, I got a second wind! :) Almost made me feel like Rocky! I've never really gave any thought to being patriotic but for some reason that song did the trick!

Man, my hips started hurting bad from an old squatting injury where I torn a hip flexor and I almost stopped to rest for a second on one of the first hills....but, again the random people cheering to keep it up and telling everyone they were doing great took that thought away pretty quickly.

I had my Polar Heart Rate monitor on and was encouraged by the calories I was burning as well. That kept the fight alive. Once I learned to find a good pace and control my breathing my legs pretty much went numb and I got in the grove, feeling pretty good about my time.

Wearing my Colony Square TRAINER shirt made me feel like I had to push a little harder too, knowing that plenty of people were probably thinking, "what does this meathead think he's doing???" LOL. I saw a few big guys there running the race but only a handful. One in particular had me switch the burners on for a second as he flew by me like running was no big deal. Dude had to be 250 jacked.

Well I finished the race and felt like I got hit by a truck for a few days after but I'm glad I did it. Now I know my body can do it and I look forward to running again next year when it will not be raining hopefully!