Monday, July 22, 2013

Stimrx Shoot with Jon Ruby

I got an opportunity to shoot another time with this past weekend. If you are not familiar with the company, check out their website. Stimrx recently filmed an infomercial for their product and has began showing the ad on the west coast. Look for us over on the east coast soon! They are in the process of creating a re-chargable unit that can be operated wirelessly from an app on your phone! That will be awesome! Can't wait. Anyway....

I was also excited to have Jon Ruby, the photographer working with us this time. Its always exciting to get a new photographer to see how they would put their spin on things and I've had the opportunity to see his work before with Nicole Markovic. He got some really great shots with her so I knew we were in good hands.

First up was Tara Garvey, at a chiropractor's office, showing how a doctor would use the unit on their patients. They wanted to showcase how it can be used to manage pain and this was a doctor who was currently incorporating the unit into his practice. After that, we headed back to Colony Square Athletic Club to finish out with some new fitness shoots. My fav part! ;) Plus, Tara and Chris are always fun to work with!

This shoot reminded me to STAY READY at all times. After the physique competition I just did,
I've been completely lax on my diet although I have kept up my workouts. I mean, who am I kidding? I ALWAYS keep up with my workouts. That part is always fun for me. Now cardio....although I have learned to enjoy longer runs, I could do without just fine!

So although I'm not terribly disappointed with my conditioning for this shoot, I would have loved to come in as shredded as I was just a week earlier. Check out my blog entry - Week Long Cheat - where I document how fast your body can change in only 1 week.

So am I'm writing this I'm buckling down and getting strict again.....I have a shoot coming up in Aug that I hope to be in my best shape for....Stay Tuned :)

Here are some untouched photos Jon leaked to us early...