Sunday, May 12, 2013

Post Seaboard Thoughts

Now THAT was fun! Wheewwww. Glad to have it over with. I 'm ready for a break. Its been a tough last couple of weeks and I'm honestly just ready to get back to WORK!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to have some of the pro judges critique me prior to the night show...I was given 2 choices. Either bring my chest down and continue to practice my posing in physique or go ahead and do bodybuilding. They said I had a great physique and asked to see my legs.
So, looks like I have a decision to make.....Either cut even more weight (I dropped down to 182 from 215 for this) or quit fighting that my body wants to be bigger and do SNBF (Natural shows).

I can't wait to get the pictures of the show. One, just to see how I looked compared to my competitors, and two, to see the difference putting on 10 pounds overnight looks! :) After pre-judging, I decided to conduct a little experiment....Fill back out as much as I could by eating all carbs and drinking water and see what happens to vascularity, muscle fullness, and overall look. I will get these side by sides as soon as they post online.

One thing I know I will do differently before I get back onstage is practice my posing. The guy who won the show was corny as hell but he had a routine that worked for him. There really is more to this sport than just having the best physique. You need to be able to portray a character on stage as well. That is going to take some time to find exactly how that would go but I'm sure I'll come up with something good! LOL

Also, I think I will try to stop beating my body down in the gym more than I should have and work more in the kitchen. Putting more of a focus on diet could have allowed me much less stress and a more enjoyable quality in life! I'm used to being able to eat upwards of 4,000 calories a day no problem.
Those last 2 weeks I was doing 2 hours of cardio + 1 hour of weight training everyday, all while trying to keep calories under 3,000. Talk about overtraining and burning out. Now I was actually purposefully losing some muscle mass to try to fit into physique but that was a little bit too much, too fast. So until I decide which competition to do next, I have a few more days of fast food and relaxing....