Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Nov. 18th......Man that was a long time waiting!

I finally had my photo shoot this past Sunday at Colony Square Athletic Club.

I have been prepping for this for way too long. The last photographer I had booked had his camera knocked off of the bench during the shoot prior to mine. He was very professional and apologetic about  having to cancel and offered to do a free 2 hour shoot for me when he comes back into Atlanta in Feb.

I will gladly take that offer and look forward to it!

However, I have been dieting and doing 2 a days for longer than expected and I'm ready to EAT! (more on that later hahahaha)

We scrambled for a new photographer at last minute since I was already cut down and didn't want to waste the opportunity. I honestly don't like being this light in weight. Yeah the abs look good but with that you must sacrifice some size. My next go around I'm going to tweak things to try to minimize this....
I am still learning a lot about this business and how to manipulate my body for different looks...

Anyway, we were able to get a hold of Damian Aching to shoot in a week and come in on Sunday.
I checked out his website and was impressed by his work so I was very happy to get him...

Once Damian and Amanda arrived and began setting up for the first shot, I knew I was in good hands! AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHERS!!!

The shoot was split half and half for my personal shots and shots for Stimrx.com and their products.
We finished the stimrx shots first. Man, I hope my smile wasn't too cheesy in these pictures! After awhile, your lips begin to twitch from holding it! lol
I couldn't help but see my girl... ahem ... FRIEND laughing in the background! (Long story :)
You might have seen me in previous Stimrx ads. Here is an ad they are about to run in Muscle & Fitness. LOL...Yeah I know... laugh all you want!

Here is a picture of Chris and Tara Garvey, the owners of Stimrx.com and Colony Square Athletic Club. (The coolest bosses you could EVER want!!! I feel blessed to have the job I have!) 

As the shoot progressed I was really impressed with their work! These 2 knew how to get some amazing shots and had some really awesome ideas for angles and lighting! I got to see some previews on their camera and I could already tell I was going to be very happy with the end results. These pictures here do no justice at all, I promise! I felt a little weird doing the chain shots since I'm not a big guy right now but I think I can use a few. Mostly this shoot was to capture my conditioning, which should show really well in the boxing and tug a war pics we got.

Should be 4-6 weeks before I get the final pics....Stay Tuned!


LMAO!!! Here is an ooolllllldddd clip of one of the units in action!