Friday, November 9, 2012

So you want to be a TRAINER, huh?! 5 TIPS TO KNOW

Everybody wants to be a trainer! I've been interviewing countless candidates and it blows me away how unqualified the majority of these people are!

It seems like being a trainer is the "cool" job to have these days and I feel I have to stand up for us who dedicate so much more to our trade. I never sought out to be a trainer. I was working my ass off training hard and one of the sales managers convinced me that I should go ahead and get certified and work for him since I was always up there anyway.
That was some of the best advice I've ever taken in my life because I love my job and there is none like it. I get paid to tell people what to do! Lol!
Thank You Marcel!

That brings me to another point. LA Fitness is known as having crappy trainers but it is a great business to get started in and get your feet wet. Marcel did things right and had me shadow the best trainer there, Marwane, and I learned how to do 30 min sessions right!
In order for that client to get any results in that short amount of time, you need to move quick and bust their ass...(safely)
30 sec rest and keep it moving with multi-joint exercises mixed in with cardio.
For example - Squat/Shoulder presses x 20 right into Jacknives x 20...right into lunge/curls x 20.....then you let them rest for 30 seconds and then keep it moving...

1 - First of all, if you are not certified in SOMETHING, then bounce! You insult me!

2 - If I ask you to show me proper form on a Deadlift and you do a lunge.....What makes you think I'm going to trust you with my clients who I've worked hard to earn the trust of? So read your books and know what you are talking about. There is so much misinformation out there that the last thing I need is another "trainer" giving bad advice. Knowledge is Power.

3 - Look the part! Practice what you preach! Part of your job is to be a motivator and lead by example. Sure some people hire trainers just to have a friend but most genuinely want your help and end up being your friend in the process. It is hard for them to dump you at that point but they suffer in the end because they aren't getting the results they hoped for because they are out partying and eating bad.

4 - Hold your clients accountable!
Their progress reflects on you! I have fired clients because I could tell they just didn't take it serious enough to get anywhere.
It makes me look bad if you have been with me for 6 months with no change.
It's not all about the money for me and I will drop your ass or put you with another trainer who would be happy to just talk with you. Don't be that trainer! Keep the intensity up and make sure they are sweating and giving their all.
There must be a certain degree of insensitivity in this business. You have to laugh at pain and learn to love getting cursed at...Told you there was no job like this! Hahaha.

5 - Don't touch your clients so much Jeez! Some of you are just pervs trying to get a date. I know who you are by the constant hamstring stretching..
I have dated a total of 2 of my thousands of clients. It's not what I'm in this business to do. I know stretching at the end of a session is beneficial but come on, if I have 30 min with a client, it is time to WORK! I'll tell them to do their warmup and stretching on their own.

Well I hope this gives you some things to work on.....