Thursday, May 1, 2014

Road to the Jr. USA

Alright! I'm finally back from my first National NPC competition and subsequent vacation!
I had an awesome time in SC and had a much needed relaxing week afterwards.
I am excited to get right back into training though!
Although I didn't place or win my pro card (didn't expect to) I gained a lot of confidence in myself and learned what I need to do in order to advance in this sport.
In the end I have determined I need to simply diet harder and come in leaner. I know I can do better and will next time around. There were way too many cheat meals in there and I started my prep around 3 weeks prior like I've been used to doing. For a National show I learned that just isn't enough.
So….I need to cut more body fat and attend regular posing sessions just like any player in another sport would attend practices. There is much more to this than just being in great shape.
I'm not going to lie, even backstage in the pump room I'm walking around thinking to myself I actually stood a shot at winning the whole thing! My conditioning was up there with the best of them and posing in the mirror next to some of the cockier guys, I'm thinking the whole time "I've GOT THIS!"
The thing is, even if I was stronger or more muscular, this is all about showcasing and creating an illusion. These guys really knew how to contort their bodies to appear completely different than a normal relaxed stance. I took notes and I will be working with a few posing instructors before my next show to really bring it out.
Overall, I'm very happy with the turnout of the show, especially since I obtained what I sought out to get; the judges attention! I wanted them to know my name and I think I really brought my personality to this show and gave them a taste of the real Thomas Murphy! LOL 
Although I know points were taken for this little move below, I had to do it and get the shot! 
I'm happy I did :)

Here are some shots of the overall winner of my class and receiver of his pro card.
The pictures make it pretty easy to see what I need to do next but they also show me I'm really not that far off. I really need to learn to stand correctly.

 I want to thank my sponsors Muscle Club Apparel and BSN for your support during my prep.
THANK YOU! I also appreciate the help and motivation to keep striving for more!

The following are some random notes I took for my records…..


Photoshoot in the morning so I did 30 min of high rep arms and shoulders then 30 on elliptical.....
Pretty wiped out today after dehydration for shoot but came out well...Good $ too :) some really cool gladiator pics..
Here is a Rough edit ... I need to find this guy around Halloween time...

Came back for legs (all high reps)
Glad to see I can do lunges again with my achilles...I'm pretty much back to doing whatever...running and all! 
Did another 30 on elliptical.
Down to 198.

1 Mile 10:15

Elliptical 20 
Treadmill 13:00 Mile !!' 
I'm running again :)

Coffee / Fiber




1 hour elliptical


4 Sets of each superset 
Pulldowns x 15 (150-160)
Cable Tri ext x 20 (60-70)

D Row x 15 (70)
Close Grip Bench x 20 (135)

Seated Wide Row x 15 (90's) 
Overhead Cable Tri Ext x 20(50)

Cable Pullovers x 20 (60-70)
Dips x 15 (body weight)

1 hour cardio 2 min intervals elliptical

1 hour fasted cardio

Posing practice at House of Payne with Steve Payne.
Got a great routine I'm happy with practicing. Now it's just time to lean up and practice practice practice!!!


20 min elliptical 2 min intervals
15 min rope
15 min elliptical 1 min intervals

8pm - Bis & Tris & Abs







1 hour elliptical
30 forward
30 back


23 days left...
16.1% BF
The Junior USA NPC Physique competition is coming up May 24th.....
Starting today I am in official grind mode.
My goal is to get my bodyfat down to 9% or atleast under 10% which will be the lowest I have ever seen. I plan to have my weight at approximately 195 or possibly slightly lower. I want to be shredded but bigger than my last show.

I definitely have my work cut out for me!