Wednesday, August 21, 2013

TUE with Thomas Q&A #1 (Dr. Oz Detox)

Q. I'm currently doing the Dr. Oz detox for a full week! I plan to workout during that time as well. It would be my first time in the gym in months. Thomas, what simple exercises would you suggest doing? My detox starts today, ends next Monday, and I plan to workout today and Thursday. 

Thanks in advance!

Kyisha McNeal 

A. Hi Kyisha,

This question raises a red flag in my book. My first glance at Dr. Oz's detox shows that this is definitely going to be a calorie restrictive diet, meaning you are going to be low on energy. I want you fueled up properly especially when learning new techniques and workouts and a sub-optimal diet can mean poor exercise performance and fewer calories burned during and after the exercise. I would be very careful working out on such a cleanse. Additionally, an inadequate intake of protein and fat leaves your amino acid availability and the ratio of anabolic to catabolic hormones compromised. Even with a solid exercise program, you would be left with an inability to build or preserve muscle mass. That hard earned muscle should never be allowed to waste. 

Thomas Murphy, CSCS